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Church Security


If your security team has not been properly trained in all the aspects involving church security and the legal responsibilities that come with it, then it's possible that your team is more of a liability than an asset. Churches often choose to hire off duty or retired law enforcement for their church security. However, this can also be a liability because the majority of law enforcement officers have not been trained to handle active intruder threats. This can clearly be seen in the recent videos of the Lakewood Church attack in Texas.


 Unfortunately, many organizations believe that if someone has law enforcement or military experience it qualifies them to teach security for churches. The fact is, church security is a specialized field and although someone may have impressive credentials, it has little to do with all the facets of church security, they're just not prepared to deal with all the layers of a full security program. It’s a specialized field that requires specialized training and education.


Whether you choose to have your own security team or hire outside security, it is the church's responsibility to make sure that all the security personnel have been properly trained and have passed a training evaluation. It is the leadership’s duty to make sure your congregation has well trained knowledgeable individuals to keep them safe.


Church security is a specialized area of protection that is different than all other areas of threat related circumstances. In the church, you have many different moving parts that are often happening at the exact same time along with multiple threat possibilities that can transpire in moment’s notice that require an appropriate trained response.


The short answer is yes, it is better to have some protection than none at all and we can train your team in all the other important areas. However, be aware that statistics show that attackers prefer soft targets and research shows that 85% of mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones. That said, your congregation is much safer with armed security because it deters attacks first, and is very effective in stopping attacks that actually happen.


Integrated defense group covers all aspects of church protection protocols. We will make sure that your team is highly trained and qualified in all aspects of church security whether you have armed, unarmed, or hired security.


The reason a church should have its own security team is the same reason the shepherds were told to watch over their flock of sheep. The church should have the measures in place to watch over their own flock. Providing a safe and secure area for our congregations to worship is essential in today's changing world.


Having a church security team is not to just to handle an active intruder situation, there are many other areas that need to be attended to.


Standard Operating Procedures for:


  • Congregation Safety & Education

  • Policies & Written Procedures

  • Video Surveillance

  • Building Security

  • Parking Lot Security

  • Greeters – First Line of Defense

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Childrens Security

  • Leadership Protection

  • Fire Alarm Protocol

  • Congregation Arguments

  • Physical Attacks

  • Bomb Threats

  • Firearms Qualifications

  • Active Intruder Protocol

  • Medical and Trama procedures

Not having church security is a huge liability and disservice to your congregation. If you do have one, you can’t afford to have them as a liability. Protect your church now, contact us for a free evaluation.



How do you know if your security team is trained well enough to handle the multitude of security protocols that are essential to Protecting a church and it's congregation? In most cases, you don't!

Most security teams do not train regularly and have not gone through a systematic inclusive approach that gives them the groundwork and protocols to handle a multitude of problems. Most also don't know how to respond legally to different situations that can arise from disturbances to child endangerment to an active shooter. Which could lead them into a courtroom answering a jury. The other problem that we see is that most security teams do not train enough to be efficient in handling intrusions or internal situations that may develop.

Our church security course will help you if, or when any of your security team personnel come under scrutiny of the legal system. It is also very important that your security go through a firearm evaluation and qualification. If they can’t pass a firearm qualification that is centered around a active shooter in a church setting they should never be carry a firearm in the church. This includes outside hired security or police. Completing a organized training protocol designed specifically for churches will help ensure that you reliable and professionally trained team.




IDG has developed a rigid church firearm qualification certification that will help ensure your armed security team members have passed a intense firearm qualification designed specifically for a church setting. Defending a church with a firearm with hundreds of people is a challenging setting and the church leadership should know that every armed security personnel has passed a test to show their proficiency.

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