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DEFENSive shooting for women


Designed specifically for women who want to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully handle nearly any personal protection situation.

Our female students are often most comfortable in a class limited to women students. Our specialized Defensive Handgun Course is designed specifically for women who want to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to safely keep, carry, and handle guns, and effectively manage any personal protection situation. Our goal is to provide competent information, instruction, and drills that allow students to perform to the best of their ability.

Students will need to bring a suitable defensive pistol or revolver, holster, and 150 rounds of handgun ammunition. Most revolvers and semiauto pistols of reputable manufacture are acceptable. All our work will be from concealment.

Subjects covered include:

  • Safe gun handling, storage, carrying

  • Specifics of concealed carry

  • Clothing and lifestyle adaptations

  • Handgun operation

  • Safely drawing the pistol from a holster or purse

  • Routinely carrying defensive handguns concealed

  • Mental alertness

  • Situation awareness

  • Danger avoidance

  • Aggressive disengagement

  • Performing under stress

  • Practical defensive marksmanship

  • Interfacing with the criminal/justice system

  • Maintaining mental health in the wake of a lethal-force incident


Classroom subjects include the latest information on the physio/psychological aspects of lethal encounters, weapon/caliber selection criterion and force continuum.

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