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Constitutional Carry and What It Means for You

Most of you are Ohio residents just like us, and that means you probably saw the news last week from the Governor’s Office – Constitutional Carry has been signed into law for the state of Ohio. Whether you currently hold a concealed carry license or are interested in carrying a firearm under constitutional carry, there are a few things you need to know about Senate Bill 215 and its effect on you.

  • SB 215 – First, this law does not go into effect for 90 days. If you do NOT currently have a concealed carry permit, you cannot start carrying a concealed firearm right away. Until June 12th, 2022, you need a license to carry.

  • Reciprocity – This is an agreement between states to allow CCW holders to carry their firearm in another state. These agreements are generally negotiated between the state attorneys general’s offices and are often based on similar training requirements in each state; but, the CCW holder must abide by the laws of the state you are carrying in. Ohio CCW covers most states in the US (38 total).While Ohio will now allow permitless carry, it’s important to remember that should you choose NOT to obtain a CCW permit, you will not be able to carry your handgun while traveling in other states. Unless you happen to be going to or through a state that allows non-residents to engage in permitless carry.

  • Insurance – If you are caught in a defensive shooting, you could be charged by law enforcement and will likely be sued by the attacker or their family in civil court. In our classes, we cover in-depth the details of the protection that insurance can provide. Whether you have a CCW permit or not, you should investigate insurance that will pay for and provide legal representation. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing Conceal Carry Insurance.

  • Defensive Training – We’ve always advocated for additional training beyond a CCW course. These courses never truly provided comprehensive training for defense. Many of us have been raised around guns and have been taught by a family member how to safely use them. However, most people have never been trained in the tactics required to protect yourself and your family in a self-defense situation. A citizen must know how to handle themselves under a violent highly stressful encounter while making sure they are following the state’s laws at the same time.

IDG fully supports the 2nd amendment and constitutional carry, but we are also dedicated to ensuring that our customers understand exactly what this new law means and how it will affect you. Our upcoming classes will cover all state laws that must be followed and details relating to insurance protection; but most importantly, these classes provide all the safety and self-defense training and tactics needed to ensure that you are truly prepared when it matters most. We encourage you to reach out should you have any questions relating to the new law or any of the topics we discussed today!


Your Friends at Integrated Defense Group

P.S. We want to hear from YOU! Tell us what you want to know and what you want to discuss. Anything from recommendations on the best defense tactics and products to the political climate surrounding the personal defense and firearm industry. Leave your feedback and we will dig into the topics you want to hear about!

P.P.S If you are interested in writing for us and contributing content to facilitate conversation and thoughtful debate, let us know!

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